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Sunday, 25 May 2014 00:50


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Solutions built with our needs in mind. This is every manager’s top priority and what most organization are searching for. Requirement from international firm incorporated in a 3 decades evolving solution. This is how our solutions are built with your needs in mind. Easy-to-use and to manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), availability for audit at any time or level. Solutions that provide full version control and audit trails to comply with applicable regulations. You are searching for Document management and data retention/archiving that provided all the features and functions it required, and that ran on a familiar, easily-extended, and cost-effective platform. 

This is what we are bring to the table for your organization’s needs and will help you enable your vision to integrate and automate quality management processes.

among other, here how our solution can help in several industries.

  1. Life science: GMP, imaging record,
  2. Engineering: PLM-eCAD-CAD-MFG & LOTAR
  3. Legal: Contracts, notary documents.
  4. Business & process: ISO Compliance, HR.
  5. Environmental: ISO 1400, 15489


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