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  • Automatically capture emails directly from your mail server & archive or insert in a workflow procedure.
  • Connector for eCopy ShareScan OP with FileDirector
  • Integrate FileDirector with your SAP application.
  • intergrate FileDirector with your CRM, ERP, PLM, etc.


With FileDirector the capture, classification, transfer, tracking, exchange and distribution of documents is fast and more efficient. These actions, on more than 200 distinct document formats (ASCII, CAD, txt, etc.), can be executed in a close (intranet inveronment or through the internet). FileDirector is based on a modular system, which allows a company to effectively tailor their own solution, and as the company grows. FileDirector can fully adapt to meet the demands.


FileDirector solution delivers fast and reliable capture, conversion and scanning options through the enhanced connectivity between FileDirector and scanners as well universal ISIS drivers. It ' s capability to perform intelligent searches makes precise and speedy retrieval throughout the network (storage device, database, file repository, XML storage source,etc.). FileDirector uses the most recent security mechanisms and is a powerful add on for the modern enterprise. Several of the highlights:

  • XML- based storage and exchange of data to FileDirector
  • Intranet-/Internet-Transparency
  • Highly scalable from 1 to 128 Servers (WebFarm)
  • Encrypted data exchange (SSL)
  • Genuine 3 tier architecture
  • SQL/MSDE or Oracle Database
  • Process Server
  • FileDirector WinClient, Web Browser or SDK
  • User account import from Windows Domain, ADS or LDAP
  • Flexible and simple management of rights to edit or process documents
  • Integrated Process Management
  • HTTP-Browser Protocol


Micosoft The usage of Microsoft .NET technology allows the development of XML (Extended Markup Language) based applications, processes and Web-services. The open standard and the scalability of .NET make integration of different applications and manufacturers an easy and inexpensive task for your enterprise with FileDirector. The universal approach to .NET technology makes it possible for FileDirector to be linked to other applications which also support .NET framework. Therefore , the transfer of knowledge and know-how based on in house and legacy applications can be made easily.FileDirector blends in and enhance the value and usage of tools such as microsoft exchange 2000/2003/2007, Sharepoint 2003/2007, Groove 2007 , outlook 2003/2007 and the MS office suite 2000/2003/2007.


XML- based data storage and exchange XML has become the standard for data exchange between different platforms. Especially in document management environments XML offers wide possibilities with its capability to store index and Meta data in readable format for an enterprise wide solution. The open architecture ofFileDirector in connection with XML files builds a versatile combination which expands the limits of traditional archiving. Documents are not limited to theFileDirector system - External applications can access the documents - without overstepping the security requirements. Therefore the conversion and transfer of files between FileDirector and other ERP,CRM, PLM applications/systems is becoming fluent and easy.


FileDirector connects and can be intergrated into SAP applications and deployment.






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