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During your process of infrastructure upgrade is your organization considering the upgrade of its long term Fixed Content Archive Storage.  The authorities requires that some data be stored for several years These data include employee data, inventory information, engineering (CAD) data, financial data, legal data and more.  Most of these data are stored on Tape libraries, microfilm, DVD or other WORM (write once, read many) devices.

Our solutions can assist in facilitating your upgrade. Prior to moving forward it is important to differentiate the terms.


Storage Everyone has Storage - it's your "current projects," your "work in progress," or just your "hard drive." You need to store data safely and securely but you also need to have access to it. In general, losing your Storage means losing current data, so you need more than just Storage to have seamless data management.

Archive An Archive is Storage that grows old. More like a museum than a library, archives are data that needs to be accessible but also safe and secure for years. Archives have value - sometimes reusing assets can make you money.

The life of an archive also needs to be considered. Will the storage media that you choose last as long as you need it to - sometimes 10-20 years? How do you know that the data you're archiving to will even be a readable format by then?

Backup is a frequent and regular process of copying your most vital data to a secure place. Backup routines should be run frequently and on a regular schedule. Constantly overlooked, Backup has no value until you lose data - and then its value can be as much as your business is worth.

When evaluating your data management needs, you need to determine what your individual Storage, Backup, and Archive needs are. Many organizations think that some combination of the three can be taken care of using the same hardware. Sometimes that's true - other times it's not.


OUR Long term Archiving Solutions can:


· Remove the cost of maintaining Legacy Data and Proprietary Systems

· Provide a solution to stop the problem of legacy data arising again

· Help maintain data for 35-50 years

· Integrate and automate validation and checking applications in to the process.

· Process and validate existing legacy data in to the chosen archive format

· Provide automated notification and support interactive review of corrupt or invalid data

· Define automated alternate solutions for data that fails the standard process. This may include changes to acceptance criteria

· Assist in the selection of archive format

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