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FAST LTA invents the new Disk Library: With COLD STORAGE data is energy-and cost-saving stored in highly scalable disk arrays. 


Cost Optimized Linear Disk Storage

 The Silent Brick is a secure storage container that contains 12 disks. Depending on the configuration, up to 4 redundant reserves and up to 12 TB net capacity. The rugged aluminum case is easy to open, defective hard disks can be replaced without tools. The ePaper display is also without power as an electronic label.

 The linear data structure ensures that data is accurately localized to defined storage areas.And where not - so you know exactly on which Silent Brick your data is stored.

The highlight: The portable storage container containing the complete redundancy composite and will only be supplied by the system with power, if access is necessary. Energy savings that pays for itself.

 No compromise on safety


Silent Bricks based on the proven in thousands of installations FAST LTA Erasure Coding with up to 4 redundant reserves.

In this case, hard drives are inserted from 3 different manufacturers to eliminate data loss due to batch error.

All data check regularly independently using a digital audit. No bit lost.


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