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Silent Cube

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Certified long-term data archiving with ultra-redundant hard disk storage

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 Perfect Partnerships

Silent Cubes are in trusted use wherever large volumes of sensitive data need to be saved on a long-term, secure and economical basis. This makes Silent Cubes the ideal complement to your software. Through our “Approved Solutions” program of hand-selected solution providers, we ensure that all systems will run at peak, seamless interoperability. More than 110 such partnerships have been tested and approved to date – and the list just keeps growing.

Chose from two options, according to your capacity needs:

  • Silent Cube Compact
  • Silent Cubes System


Safeguarding infinite data, infinitely 

The Silent Cubes system is the first storage system to be explicitly and categorically developed for the secure, long-term storage of permanent data.

  • Exceptionally secure against data loss, hardware malfunction and misconfiguration
  • Particularly low energy and operating costs, ultra-scalable into the petabyte realm
  • Full FAST LTA on-site service includes hardware replacement with zero data loss

The Perfect Connection

Silent Cubes integrate seamlessly into your network architecture

  • Frees your online storage of rarely-accessed data, ensures ample storage capacity
  • Substantially reduced acquisition, administration and energy costs
  • Reduced data volume shortens your online storage backup and restore times
  • Silent Cubes archival storage is ultra-secure, easily replicated, and needs no additional backup
  • Migrating rarely-accessed data frees the online storage and significantly shortens backup and restore times due to reduced data volume.
  • Silent Cube storage systems are scalable into the petabyte realm. You can add storage units at any time – even after years – and thus keep up with your needs as they grow.


 Silent Cubes help to free up your valuable online storage (SAN). Using archiving or HSM software, you then store less frequently accessed data on your specialized Silent Cubes long-term storage unit. This allows you to cut your costs by up to 80%.



Highest security


Saves energy & costs


  • WORM hardware reliably seals data
  • 12 hard disks: 4 each from 3 different vendors
  • Compensates for up to 4 hard disk failures
  • Regular self-check (Digital Audit)
  • Certified for revision-safe storage
  • Less than 2 watts of energy per storage unit in standby
  • Low investment and operating costs (TCO)
  • Minimal installation and maintenance costs

Scalable & modular


Worry-free full service


  • Scalable from 2 TB into the petabyte realm
  • Expandable at any time in the future
  • Conceived for 19- inch rack mounts
  • ncludes software for second site replication
  • On-site service by FAST LTA or partners
  • Includes all software updates
  • ncludes all hardware replacements
  • Flexible terms, fixed service costs


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