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Silent Cubes Secure WORM Archive Storage - Disaster: The “D” in DR

From Phillip Jan Rothstein:

“In the late 1960s, I was first exposed to what would later become

known as disaster recovery. I was responsible for the systems

software environment for a major university computer center at the

time. It was at the height of the Vietnam War protests, and one of

those protests spilled over to the building housing the computer room.

A number of protestors were running through the building and

randomly damaging whatever was in their path. When they got to

the computer room, they found a locked, heavy steel door and moved


“It suddenly dawned on me that we had no clue – let alone a plan – to

deal with the damage or destruction, should the protesters have

gained entry to the computer room.”

Although the passage of time has changed DR planning, consider this

statement from Stephen Nelson:

“A statistic that is often quoted is that 70 percent of the businesses

without a strong backup and recovery infrastructure that were

affected by 9/11 never reopened. Of the remaining 30 percent, almost

90 percent of them failed within 6 months.”

Replicating to a Disaster Recovery site is paramount to a business’

survival in the event of a disaster.

This is why there is no charge for the replication software with the

Silent Cubes archive solution! Every Silent Cubes system sold has

the replication software built in, and replication to a DR site can be

turned on anytime with a few mouse clicks.

The Silent Cubes system performs an asynchronous backup to a Silent

Cubes system at a replicated site. The user can define a continuous

backup (default) or specify specific times of day and priority levels for

flexibility in defining backup windows. Rollover to the DR site can

occur immediately when the primary site is offline, or by a specific

time period defined by the user.

Having a secure replicated DR site is more than just peace of mind, it

can be your business lifeline. Now, more than ever:

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